These days we are all distracted by our our mobile devices such as iphones and androids. We can barely even sit still and have a conversation with our friends eye to eye because all we are tempted to open up our phone and browse through our apps and see what’s new and the latest images of our friends and family. Particularly Instagram, the latest hot app on the market.

Instagram gives you the ability to upload and/ or take images and upload it directly on the phone and upload it to the site where as you can crop, edit and add filters to the images. Similar to Facebook, you can add/ follow friends or even your favorite celebrity/ model or artist. What gives instagram it’s unique aspect is the ability to #hashtag. Each tag filters to photos within that grouping. You’ll no longer need to open up Camera+ to crop and scale your photo, you can now do so with a grid guide overlay.

In terms of a marketing stand point, it is a great way to push your brand online to consumers through mobile devices. For example you have an instagram account, you have many followers and you post your latest products and instantaneously you start receiving “Likes” and even have the ability to expand that exposure to Facebook!

Overall at Pearl White Media, we ensure all our clients are up to date on the latest technology and trends. Instagram is a great marketing tool to post your company images as well and we highly recommend you do so as there a substantial amount of traffic using the APP.