Are you starting a new company and in need of a Logo designed?

Idelete approached us to help develop their  logo for the new company they are currently starting. Our designers created them the perfect logo to help match the vision they had in mind.

How does the process work? It’s simple, we send you our Pearl White Media Logo questionnaire. After you’ve resubmit the questionnaire to us with your answers we analyze it and provide you with 3 initial logo designs to choose from. You provide us with your full feedback and we send you UNLIMITED revisions until we’ve achieved the perfect look for you brand.

At Pearl White Media, we ensure that we won’t stop designing until we have created you that perfect dream logo.

The objectives that a good logo will achieve include:

* Gives a clear and direct message

* Gives your company credibility

* Connects you to your customers

* Motivates the buyer

* Develops loyal customers to your brand

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