More than 90 percent of all internet searches end up with a visit to a result settled on the first page of Google search results. However, what many publishers fail to understand is that it’s not enough to stuff your blog posts or landing pages with trending keywords to get on top of search engine results. Your website should contain the best presentation of most recent data, it should have a consistent stream of related topics, and cover the widest area of interests within your industry. 

In this article, we’ll lead you through a series of simple steps that you should take to keep track of those content gaps that make Google think your website is not fit for the first page. We’ll make this guide short but practical so it’s easy to follow and, more importantly, seamless to apply in your case.

Why it’s important to perform a content gap analysis for SEO?

Search engine algorithms have an ever-growing checklist that helps them determine website relevance. The quality of your content influences all these metrics. If you seek out gaps in your content development strategy and fill them effectively, you will make a positive impact on your overall SEO performance.

Reference points

The first point of business is knowing what’s your playfield. To find the gaps, you should compare your content against two reference points. The first point of reference is your competition and the other is market demand. 

Through keyword research, you can compare your page against competitors within your industry. If there are keywords that refer to a certain topic that you are not ranking for, take note of these results for your next piece of content. 

To understand market demands, you can create a survey that would let you in on the topics that most interest your audience. If your current content is not meeting the full range of your consumers’ interests, it’s a gap that the survey will help fulfill.

There’s also a third reference point and that’s your knowledge and experience. You can create a network of topics by breaking them into smaller pieces and mark those that you still didn’t cover through your content. Offering fresh ideas makes you more relevant by calculations of Google’s algorithm. 

Analyze past content

“How to” videos make for excellent evergreen content, which is something you virtually never have to update, and it will still keep bringing people to your website. However, many topics simply lose their relevance. A blog article with outdated statistics and research results drives away the audience as easily as a page containing a product you stopped selling years ago.

Upgrading your already published content is an essential process if you wish to improve your overall SEO results by analyzing your content gaps.

Content diversity analysis

When you search for gaps within your content strategy, diversity is an integral part of the process. Nowadays, the audience is used to multimedia content and diverse methods of interaction with brands. Analyze your social media engagement, perhaps you lack Facebook content in your efforts. Do you have enough videos and images where needed to bring a subject closer to the audience? Do all of your products have pictures and informative descriptions? These are all the questions you need to ask yourself when you look for holes in your content.

It’s not a bad idea to browse through your competitors’ front yard and see which types of the content best works for them. You could also see if there’s a certain type of content that goes well with a specific topic or medium. For example, tutorials and product descriptions are very popular on video. 


Every day, fresh content gets published, and overcoming the competition is getting harder exponentially. To stay afloat and build your pool of consumers, it’s essential to work hard on your content. Keep these pieces of advice in mind when planning your future content and success will soon follow. 

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