Ecommerce is a business that is done by using an online website. Companies are shifting their business online for the convenience and satisfaction of their customers. In today’s era people don’t have time to themselves, they need everything in a quicker manner and that takes the least time and least effort as well. Ecommerce website achieve great attraction and expanding on the rapid speed. This expanding is only preferred because of the lack of time. Shopping in the past was considered as a fun filling activity once. Now a day, we need fast solutions and quick answers without any gap, even a gap of a second.

Ecommerce design & development services are a specialty at Pearl White Media. We take pride in taking part and helping our clients succeed in online store development. We specialize in helping you or your company sell your products or services online through the Magento E-commerce platform.Magento ( is an extremely powerful & flexible e-commerce platform with much room for future growth. It uses the most up to date e-commerce technology with no monthly charge associated to it. The system gives you full control over all aspects of your store as well as detailed reports on your sales and customers.

When we want to setup an Online Ecommerce store in Montreal, we must consider the following points in mind

  • Ecommerce website must be easily customize , edit, change and update as well
  • Ecommerce store must be friendly to use and easy to understand
  • Design of Ecommerce Website must be done with proper care, must be attractive, gives a neat and cool effect to the eyes.
  • Ecommerce store in Montreal must be easy to use because of the large number of competitors
  • I some business multiple products are sold, in such Ecommerce store that must be sort out and placed in different category for professional look
  • Product description in points gives the attractive looks on Ecommerce store ( it is good to write in point form rather than paragraph as it is easy to understand)
  • Images gives an attractive look with description ( It is better to gives two to three images from different angle so the customer is completely satisfied before purchasing it, it gives a feeling to confidence in customer as well)
  • Provide the zoom in and zoom out add on in the Ecommerce store
  • Different color of same product and it better to keep the images of all color
  • It is good to keep the search option, so the customer can search their desire item in a quicker manner
  • Contact information must be given on Ecommerce store in Montreal
  • Suggestion box for the improvement is also a well-appreciated thing to consider
  • Cart for online shopping is also an essential part to consider
  • It is good to provide multiple options for payment that are supported in Montreal
  • After placing an order and payment option, it is good to tell them a date on which the product is going to be delivered
  • The time mention to the customer must kept in mind, because it is harder to maintain and establish the relationship of customer and online company
  • It is good to have an outlet as well in Montreal (so the customer has both the option)

It is better to consider all the point because of the tough competition in Montreal Ecommerce Market. The better the service the more customers you have in line. In Ecommerce store many other things needs to be consider like attractive website, easy to use and read, it tales lesser time to load, it has variety of images and other attractive features.

Please check out a demo of the Magento admin panel here: