You need to create a social media marketing plan. The action plan you take for each social network should be part of a larger social media strategy. Each post should be guided by a plan towards driving more business goals.


What is a social media marketing plan?

A social media marketing plan is the summary of everything you plan to do and achieve for your business using social media networks. This plan should involve making a goal/ plan for all your networks. This plan will guide your actions, but it will also be a measure by which you determine whether you’re succeeding or not.


Creating social media goals

Step one of any social media marketing strategy is to establish the objectives and goals that you hope to achieve. Without any goals, there’s no way of defining your social media return on investment. These goals should align with your business objectives. You need to go beyond your retweets and likes and focus on metrics such as leads generated, referrals and conversion rage.


Define how you can improve your social accounts 

It’s never too late to update and refine your social media pages to get the best possible results. Whether it be updating the graphics or changing your target market/ content, it can certainly help with your social media pages. It’s important to record and analyze your successes and failures, and then adjust your social media marketing plan in response.

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