WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce platform that is built upon WordPress. It is a WordPress eCommerce plugin that makes the running and maintaining of an eCommerce store easier. 

There are hundreds of themes made, specifically for eCommerce platforms.

 You need to be an eCommerce platform that is not only famous for its products and services but also its choices. When it comes to choices, themes become the defining factor of the overall look of your website. You need to be very wise while choosing the exact theme for your Woocommerce platform.

 This article will read how to find out the best themes for your eCommerce store. You must choose the definite theme for your business. Themes matter a lot when you really want to appeal to your customers. So, let’s check, in detail, how you should select WooCommerce theme for your online store.

Flexible and convenient:

A Woocommerce theme often has a lot of features. However, it needs to be very easy to use and flexible for beginners. You should look for a theme that will not only make your website look beautiful but also make the layout easier. The theme must come with proper documents for guidance.


There are many extensions and add-ons needed for the Woocommerce platform. A perfect theme must support extensions and add-ons for your eCommerce platform.


An eCommerce theme with a built-in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will help the website of your Woocommerce Online Store. SEO will bring traffic to your website, and for an eCommerce site, more traffic means more sales. 

Mobile friendly theme:

Even the e-commerce Experts in Montreal agree no matter whichever themes you apply to your store, you must think of making it mobile-friendly. A mobile-friendly theme will help you attract people who are on their phones. It must be compatible with all kinds of screen sizes.

The theme must optimize the loading speed:

It is often seen in many Woocommerce platforms that the loading time takes more than it should take. You must select a Woocommerce them that optimizes the loading speed. A fast-performing website always drives more customers for your business.  

Compatible with all WordPress plugins:

Plugins for the Woocommerce platform are very important. Your Woocommerce theme must work smoothly with all the plugins you want to use. You must choose a theme wisely, so that you can add as many plugins as you need.

Live Notifications:

When you are using an eCommerce theme, you must consider having one that can support live notifications. Live notifications will help you and your customers to stay updated about the activities within the website.  

Some of the best themes for Woocommerce Online Store in Toronto

  • Astra
  • Neve
  • DV
  • Ultra
  • Ocean WP

All of the themes mentioned are lightweight, fast, supportive to multiple plugins, and Woo Commerce booster. We Hope this article has helped you get the adequate knowledge to choose the compatible theme for your Woocommerce platform.