In this digital era, the way businesses market themselves has changed entirely. The whole premise of how organizations target individuals has changed, and much of this has to do with optimizing one’s web content with the best SEO principles.

For those who don’t know or require a refresh, SEO refers to search engine optimization and determines how high a website or webpage ranks for related Google searches. SEO has become the cornerstone of modern-day internet marketing, and without it, businesses would have no net presence at all.

What Is An SEO Content Creator?

SEO is carried out by SEO content creators, who craft carefully written web content that follows core SEO principles and guidelines. Creating informative content is excellent and is a big part of the internet marketing process, but if the content does not contain the right keywords and key phrases, it simply won’t rank on the top search engines. “Sites such as Google and Bing deploy crawler bots to scour and index web pages all over the world wide web. With each page, they index, the search engine’s internal algorithm stores the site based on a number of relevant keywords and phrases. If a website does not include these keywords or phrases, the chances of an individual stumbling upon it is very low,” writes Jeffrey Dawkins, a SEO expert at Academized and Essay Services.

When it comes time to write, SEO content writers take a look at a list of keywords and phrases and begin to craft informative and well-written articles around them. More advanced practitioners will also utilize HTML and CSS scripting languages to carefully place certain phrases and headers so that crawler bots will be able to better detect them. 

What Is An SEO Content Strategist

In many cases, an SEO expert may not be a writer. Instead, they may be someone who carefully picks the right keywords and phrases, chooses the right images, and creates a general outline that an article or blog should follow. These people are called SEO strategists and are an essential part of the SEO process.

Unlike writers, they don’t research the specifics of whatever topic that they are writing about. Instead, they provide the article’s backbone, giving writers a general outline, headers (all with appropriate H1 H2 H3, etc. tags), keywords, and keyphrases ranked by importance and weight.

“With many agencies, Strategists will create the outline, then send it off to the writers, at which point there is little contact between the two,” writes Shawn Hoff, a writer at Assignment Help and OXEssays.

How Can Creators And Strategists Work Together

One of the best ways to produce quality content that increases traffic is by having the content creator and strategist work together. When doing this, there is a greater degree of communication, and the need for rewrites or edits is dramatically increased. Furthermore, it allows the strategist to better demonstrate precisely what it is he/she had in mind.

Over the remainder of this article, we will look at how creators and strategists can work together to help their agencies produce better-optimized content for their clients.

Have Pre-writing Meetings

Instead of providing the writer with a simple outline of headers and keywords, strategists and writers should take some time to discuss an article and how it should be written.

Use Already Existing Content

Repurposing old content is a great content creation strategy. Often, keywords or phrases change, and what ranked last year may not rank this year. When this happens, it is time to go back and update an old article, especially one that previously enjoyed a lot of traffic.

Agree On A Standardized Process

Process is key when it comes to creating quality content, and part of the process is setting and developing standards and guidelines. 

This is an area where strategists and writers really need to work together and develop quality communication skills. Without a standardized process, content may not seem uniform across a website, meaning the companies voice or authority may appear diminished.

Create Effective Communication Channels

Part of building teamwork is establishing effective communication channels. While email has provided sufficient for most things, many businesses have turned to programs like slack to improve communication between individuals. 

Lauren Groff is a blog writer at Essay Roo and Big Assignments. Over the last five years, Lauren has written her fair share of software reviews and is also a proofreader and Essay writing services reviews.