A well-designed website can quickly help you grow your business.

However, you have to know how to attract more visitors to your site and increase your presence online. The more visitors you get on your website translates to more sales. So, you have to make sure your web visitors stick around for long.

There are many incredible ways to engage your web visitors. You can start by creating an easy to skim through content, add a call-to-action, reduce page loading time, or create exit-intent pop-ups. But, do you know that it’s more rewarding and satisfying if you create engaging videos?

Videos have become an essential tool to use if you want to increase your online presence. Engaging videos attract more visitors who wish to have a clear glimpse and understanding of your products. Many website owners are moving away from text content to video content, and the results have been substantial.

Good videos have a way of fostering online engagement and generating leads and sales. Many people are tech-savvy and using smartphones these days, and it’s excellent to produce engaging and quality videos to promote your website. According to research, the global consumer internet video traffic accounts for 80% of all consumer internet traffic.

Interestingly, 55% of people watch videos online every day, and you should not be left behind with an underperforming website. With this in mind, you should figure out how effective use of videos can keep visitors on your site longer. Here is how to go about it:

Tell a Story about Your Brand 

Video storytelling is one of the proven and incredible ways of sharing your brand’s story. Your visitors will have an opportunity to watch and learn more about your business. They will experience your zeal and passion for the business you operate.

If the video is engaging and appealing, your target audience will even take the initiative to share these videos on different platforms. Well-designed videos add interest and deliver your brand message profoundly. In your videos, you can add an original brand touch and make videos so impactful that they elicit positive emotion from visitors.

Make your videos honest enough to appeal to an extensive online client base. Feel free to brainstorm with your team and consider what value our products bring to your visitors. For instance, you can embrace whiteboard animation to tell your story. Just make sure to use a trusted whiteboard animation company to get the job done right.

Record an illustrated story using a whiteboard and include a narration that is properly scripted to share more about your brand.  Use YouTube to develop and tell a well-illustrated story.

Live-stream Your Videos

Live-streaming is the in-thing these days, and as a website owner, you should utilize this opportunity. You can use different platforms to live-stream your products and services. Some of the common platforms to use and connect with your clients include;

  • Facebook live
  • YouTube live
  • Instagram live
  • Twitter and
  • LinkedIn live

Upload Videos on Social Media 

Social media is one of the best platforms to reach out to your target clients. You can upload videos on your social media sites, and keep clients engaged and happy. If you execute the videos well, you will reach many visitors and keep them glued to your websites

Videos will help boost your social media engagement. You will get more views, and some of your clients will freely share these videos, and this will translate to more sales and leads. Ensure your videos are authentic and can humorously talk about your products and services. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are some of the platforms to use and reach your target audience.

Include a Homepage Background Video 

Use videos to welcome and greet your website visitors. The homepage video you use should communicate your message to your target audience. The videos you use should differentiate you from your competitors.

To attract and appeal to more visitors, place your video on the first section of the homepage. Come up with homepage explainer videos that will describe what your website is offering and what makes you unique. Ensure the content is engaging, informative, and easy to share. 

Use Video Testimonials

Video testimonials help create a better website experience and connect with your target audience. You can win over and keep more clients by using fellow consumers in your videos. Through testimonials, you will be able to tell your stories without exaggerating things using your satisfied customers.When your target audience comes across videos from other customers giving their testimonials or responses about your products or services, a large number will stick around. These videos will help you secure trust and increase conversions. Your videos will help new clients get to know, trust, and like you. However, make sure you integrate your product information throughout the videos.

To Sum Up

With many people empowered by smartphones and the internet these days, take this opportunity to promote your business and brand. Videos are a powerful marketing tool, and you should use them correctly to connect with your customers. Grow your revenue faster today by presenting your website visitors with an opportunity to learn more about your products using videos.