We all grew up doodling and drawing in color books hours at a time, did you ever imagine that one day your hand written creating can come to life in 3D?

3Doodler by WobbleWorks LLC. is ready to introduce you this technology as the world’s first 3D printing pen. It literally let’s you draw three-dimensional structures in midair. How does a pen write in 3D you may ask? A technology we could have only imagined growing up, the pen uses a ABS plastic which is the same material found in many 3D printers.

3Doodler which is currently on Kickstarter has a pledged goal to raise $30,000 and is currently at over $285,0000 pledged with 33 days left to go!

Will this be the wave of the future? At Pearl White Media, we believe this product will be an ultimate success story. The possibilities are endless.