At Pearl White Media Web Design, when we hear self-driving cars, the first thing we think about are Google’s much talked about prototypes.

There is a new startup which is looking to enter the self-driving business called Cruise RP-1. The system is an autopilot tool for the road. It is a major step ahead for handsfree driving. Once the device is installed, by simply pressing on a cruise button, it will allow the driver to travel on the highway without touching the steering wheel or foot pedals… incredible!

The system contains two cameras, a radar mechanism, GPS, inertial sensors and an on board computer. Using this software, the Cruise RP-1 scans the road to keep the car operating within safe limits.

What does somethings like this cost you may ask? The system is priced at $10,000 (including installation) and is to be available in California sometime in 2015. Along with the car system, there will be an iOs app connecting to Wi-Fi, that will display the cars detected around you.

We look forward to seeing this in action in the coming years, stay tuned. We will keep you up to date on future company endaveours.