Is Google Glass the future of the Healthcare Industry? Think of the vast amount of potential this innovative product can make to check a patient’s vital stats like body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure in the operating room.

At Pearl White Media, we always strive to look into the latest technology and have always been fascinated by the potential of Google’s product. Google Glass is not yet sold to the public but we are sure it will be available in the coming time. Can these glasses help save the lives of those in need?

Image an anesthesiologist arriving in the operating room and automatically seeing the patient’s vital stats, and without time to waste can begin caring or operating on them while carefully following everything in their projection eye sight.

The main benefits of working with such a system would be that it provides a surgeon with improved mobility, enabling them to focus more on the patient. The glasses can also record the surgery allowing for videoconferences and can also be used for future training purposes.

Do you think Google Glass can be a useful tool for the future of the healthcare industry?