Google announced this past Tuesday that they acquired the music service Songza in order to ramp up its music service offering.

What is Sogza you may ask? Songza is a unique music player which streams music space. Not only does it provide users with a la carte access to songs and albums, it offers up expert-curated playlists based on moods, and themes. This service available online as well as an app on iOS an Androis devices. It is now available on Chromecast as well.

Google states that nothing will change for it’s Songza users. Over time however, Google will work on upgrading the service offering even more music that you love to Google Play Music. They will also bring Songza into features like YouTube and other Google products.

At Pearl White Media, we believe this was a great buy in the technology world. We view the songza acquisition as a way to further enhance our radio features by adding expertise.