We heard recent news that the wold may eventually shift from Wi-Fi to Li-Fi. it will be an alternative technology that scientists are saying can reach 1 Gbps in real-time use. This can be the future of the Internet, a faster and more reliable version.

At those speeds you would be able to download a high-definition movie in just a few seconds. A company named Velmenni took the technology out of labs and into real-world offices in Estonia and was able to achieve those speeds.

Li-Fi transmits data using LED lights, which flicker on and off within nanoseconds, imperceptible to the human eye. Li-Fi is based on light so its range would be more limited. However because of this limit, it would be more secure. Li-Fi opens more possibilities for smart home appliances.

How we see it on our end is if this technology comes into place, our WordPress websites will certainly load even quicker and Internet browsing speeds would increase significantly.

Imagine client’s being able to browse your website at lightning speeds and allow them to download your full product catalog in a matter of seconds? This is the future, and we look forward to it.