It’s always a sign of relief when you arrive at a North American airport whether as a final destination or stop over and there is free Wi-Fi. For frequent fliers, nothing is more satisfying than an airport with Wireless Internet.

In 2013, not every location is so generous. Major airports such as Boston, Fort Lauderdale & Dallas offer unlimited free Wi-Fi. Why do other airports need to charge an hourly rate in 2013? Some airports offer an overcharged rate of $4.95 for an hour or offer a 24 hour access price.

Pearl White Media was on their way to a networking event this summer in June, while arriving at The San Francisco airport we were pleased to be offered free Internet access. Especially in the “tech”city of San Fran, we would expect nothing less. On the way back to LA on the other hand they had an hourly rate (major international airport).

Overall we believe that Wi-Fi should generally be offered in all public areas (including airports) so users can access their emails, website and social media accounts.