Who can’t wait for the new iPhone 5 to come out in October? We are all curious to what new features it will have and how it will be improved compared to past models. We at Pearl White Media are always following the latest technology trends and constantly reading online on the latest rumors related to iPhone technology and apps.

According to Gene Munster, an analyst for Piper Jaffray says the phone will have a brand new redesigned body. The new phone will also run on 4G, similar to the new iPad which just came out  and will incorporate data networks such as LTE.

I personally can’t wait to own the next iPhone 5 as I do my best to always keep up with the latest gadgets, electronics on the market. Being a passion of mine I know I will definitely pick up this brand new phone as soon as it hits the market.

Having a redesigned body, it is rumored that the iPhone will incorporate an exotic LiquidMetal material. Apple spent $30 million acquiring the rights to use LiquidMetal in 2010. What is LiquidMetal you may ask? Pearl White Media was also curious so we looked into this further. We observed that it is a mix of many metals and overall will give the phone a “liquid like exterior feel” and allow the phone to weigh less and have a slimmer profile.

Are you looking forward to getting your hands on the new & latest iPhone 5? We definitely are!