What are the emerging web design trends for the upcoming year in 2018? One thing for certain is that mobile responsive web design is going to continue being a growing trend. In 2018, we will see innovations to fully utilize mobile functionality even further.

Mobile design has an entirely new support for voice search and geolocation and these will continue to grow in the coming year. Flashy, gimmicky design is becoming more passe now. There is going to be less negative space and more video to further enhance products or services.

As in 2017, there will be a further surge in social media connectivity to your website. Your Facebook business page will continue to be of importance as a great lead to your website. They are constantly improving it to further show more information about your company (reviews, live chat & streaming)

Last but not least website security will continue to be amongst a top priority. In 2017 there was a lot of malware online, thus many sites are now moving to HTTPS to protect confidentiality and online transactions.

Is your website ready for 2018? An outdated website can dramatically decrease your business’ conversion. Lack of modern upgrades can make a client lose faith in your business. Cutting edge design is required to stay up to date.

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