Effective email marketing is an important aspect of growing any business and can provide an affordable and efficient method of staying in touch with your customer base. Businesses that invest in targeted email marketing campaigns see a considerable increase in their ROI. We specialize in the management and design of custom mailchimp newsletter campaigns and templates.

Pearl White Media has been creating custom email marketing designs for various businesses in Canada & USA. While we are based in Montreal and Toronto, we have served over 500 clients from all over the world

Montreal Email marketing Services
Email Marketing in Toronto


We design custom newsletter templates to grab your customers eye and help sell your product or service. A newsletter template can be used multiple times for different newsletter campaigns making it easier for your team to create content on short notice.

Newsletters can be sent out for various reasons: to announce new products, present a recap of your recent sale, let customers know about upcoming discounts etc. Whatever the reason, the main goal of a newsletter campaign is to engage your customer base and bring them back for more sales. The goal is to create a call to action that will link directly to your website.

We design beautiful, responsive newsletters that look gorgeous on any kind of device.


Emails and newsletters are forms of direct marketing that allow your business to keep your customers updated on the latest offerings, discounts, promotions or new product announcements. There is a high probability that customers who have bought something from you once, would return for further purchases. Emails and newsletters help to remind them of your existence and help generate recurring revenue from the client.

Pearl White Media offers Email marketing design services to help grow your customer base and manage your customer email database. Regular emails and announcements sent right to your customers’ inbox will not only help keep them engaged but also develop your reputation as a modern and thriving company.

Montreal Email marketing Services

We offer our clients different email marketing and design packages based on their needs. Whether you are looking to send out a mailer every week, month or year we have different packages that will fit your requirements.