We were happy to see that beyond electric-powered cars, the extend of electric technology continues to our daily sports related products. Similar to a Segway, the electric-powered skates are born. Acton RocketSkates bring a whole new middle ground to rollerblading.

As described on Kickstarter, the RocketSkates can traverse the city at a fairly rapid speed with its lithium-ion battery. There are three configurations each lasting 45, 70 or 90 minutes. Each skate is equipped with two hub motors and an on-board microprocessor so they can synchronize the same speed together. With no remote control needed, it is in fact a pretty cool toy.

To speed up, simply tilt your foot forward and to slow down, tilt your heels back. How much will these future skates cost? We are uncertain but based on early bird specials they should retail for about $500. We believe this can make a great future Christmas gift and will sell well in the marketplace.

You can follow their Kickstarter campaign here.