Looking to build an e-commerce website but not sure the direction to go? First step is picking the platform. Pearl White Media has been using Magento for years now. We specializing in both WordPress WooCommerce and Magento.

If the client wants to go the Magento route, there is always the decision Magento 1 or 2?

The new 2.0 platform has been around since November 2015. Both will suit your e-commerce needs and offer the possibility of a flexible design using our services. Which is easier to use? Simpler to manage your inventory?

Magento 2 has an updated back-end interface that is simpler to manage then the current 1.9 version and is remarkably quicker in speed. It is estimated that Magento 2 is 20% faster. There is also a new user-friendly checkout process. This makes it easier for customers to quickly place and complete an order.

The only down sides are that if a Magento 1 user wants to upgrade, they would have to completely redo their website. Another downside is that not all extensions are yet available for the 2.0 platform. If the company has the extension for 2.0, they are usually more expensive as well.

In conclusion, Magento 2’s platform gear more towards the customer and user experience. Looking for assistance on developing a new Magento website? Please do not hesitate to contact us today!