These days, in our day of time it’s almost un common to go on a “blind date”. With the constant rise of social media, even if you were supposively set up on a date you can research your date to be and know everything about them before even meeting them. Want to know more about someone, simple… Facebook them and uncover what they do, and what they are passionate about. There is no such thing as traditional dating anymore.

With modern technology and the Internet there is a surplus of online dating sites, some of which are highly visited such as Plenty of Fish and E Harmony. These sites generate so much traffic that meeting your loved one or wife/ husband to be might even be easier said and done online! One quarter of men in a recent study stated they’re too nervous to speak to a woman they find attractive, rather than a face-to-face interaction it’s just easier messaging someone online and interating in an online environment.

At Pearl White Media, we receive a lot of inquiries to build dating websites. Most of which have a twist to them or geared towards a unique audience. If you have an idea in mind and are interested in developing a website, feel free to contact us anytime.