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An important part of business website ranking algorithms is the customer reviews which are posted on the website. The design of a website is just one component of an effective marketing plan. The amount of traffic to the website is another factor. Pearl White Media is a web and graphic design firm which can assist in customer testimonial video production in Montreal.

Various elements are important when creating an effective customer testimonial video. The technical aspects are just one part of a marketing process. The quality of all sound and lights must make it easy to see and hear what the customer is saying. Poor audio may reflect poorly on the product or service. In addition, garbled speech or excess background noise can make it difficult to understand the fine points of the product in question.

Another important feature for the video production is the lighting. Dark shadows make the viewer feel suspicious of the individual who is speaking. Glare also works against the visual message of the video. Poor lighting can cause the subject of the video to squint in order to see. It also can cause difficulty in properly displaying the product or service which is under discussion.

The customer who is providing the video message should be groomed in accordance with product or service which is being promoted. As an example, someone who is promoting a hair care product should have hair that reflects the positive results achieved by the use of the product. Granted that grooming is a subjective characteristic, at some level, there are still some expectations about basic standards.

Grooming is one aspect, but on the other side of the presentation, the customer giving the testimony must be believable in the role. A teenager talking about arthritis cream is probably not going to be respected as a spokesperson. The ability to speak in a manner that makes it possible to be believed is easy to recognize by the viewer. An overly enthusiastic attitude may be perceived as false.

The message itself must be believable. Wild claims of the effectiveness of the product or service work against its veracity. Most people have seen a testimonial for weight loss products, with claims of remarkable poundage disappearing in a matter of days or weeks. While it would be wonderful if true, it is a scientific impossibility.

Variety in the messages which are being posted is also important. The company that has several testimonials which all say pretty much the same thing sounds false. Careful scripting is important, but the message must sound natural and unscripted in order to be believed.

With more than five hundred websites in its portfolio, Pearl White Media is able to provide planning and implementation of all the latest internet marketing strategies. The diverse group of SEO specialists, visualizers, designers, e-commerce experts and developers offers customized responsive websites and themes. All websites are custom developed and built to be responsive. They properly display across all browsers and mobile platforms. The designers work with print and online marketing material of all kinds.

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