What is Responsive Web Design?


Many of our clients ask us, what is responsive web design? Do I need it on my website? The answer is simple. You most certainly do. Responsive websites respond to their environment. Take for example a computer monitor, an iPad [...]

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WordPress WooCommerce Product Management


Pearl White Media specializes in the development of Wordpress WooCommerce Websites. Many current and potential clients approach us with their business plan and their products or services that they would like to sell online. They come to us for advice [...]

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Accepting Payments on WordPress


There has been a large shift lately to developing e-commerce websites using Wordpress Woocommerce. At Pearl White Media wordpress website design, we develop your custom themed site and setup all the configurations for you. At this stage, we sit down [...]

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Google: SEO Algorithm


Each year, Google changes its search algorithm around 500 to 600 times. Most of these changes are minor, occasionally though they roll out a major algorithmic update such as Panda and Google Penguin. This affects the way search results show [...]

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