Advantages of Newsletter Marketing


For years now we have always pushed our clients to build up their newsletter lists. We find it is an excellent marketing tool to have a subscriber list and to email them on a regular basis so they are up [...]

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Are you a Real Estate Agent? WordPress Real Estate Websites is our Specialty.


Are you a real estate agent or sell/ own real estate properties? We have been working with numerous individuals in the real estate market for years now. We have built multiple listings websites in order to maximize the agent's strategy and online [...]

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WordPress SEO Recommendations


We at Pearl White Media have been using Wordpress for a few years. One of the main reason's we use Wordpress is for the specific reason that the platform is great for the search engines. Out of the box Wordpress is [...]

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Plastc, the All-in-One Card.


You already keep a wide array of cards in your wallet which include your debit car, credit card, gift cards and for those who own a business, multiply that by having an additional bank card and visa card. We have [...]

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How Important is Responsive Design?


As more and more people are using mobile devices, smartphones and tablets for every day task, one thing has become clear. Mobile is taking over Internet browsing. It's not only surfing the Internet, it's everything from social media to online [...]

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What’s New in WordPress?


We at Pearl White Media have been working with Wordpress a few years now. As the platform grows, so do it's features and capabilities. As soon as a new version of Wordpress comes out, we always make sure to integrate [...]

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