There are some things you should never try to do yourself. This includes trying to fix a running chainsaw and developing a website when you are not a web designer. Yes, we compared the act of DIY web design with fixing a chainsaw. Does that drive home how dangerous amateur web designers can be for your business? If it doesn’t, let us show you some really common and easily avoidable mistakes that web designers make when designing a website is not really their profession.


Designed Like It’s Still 1990

Designs keep changing as do fashions and trends – the job of a professional web designer is to make sure your website design follows current trends in design, color schemes and other elements. If your website still has gaudy bright boxes with fuzzy pictures to show off your products or services, trust us, you’re not doing yourself any favors.


Slow Loading Times

Web design is not just slapping a bunch of pictures together to create a page – you need to know what size, resolution and quality your images are. A page that is heavy with unoptimized images can slow your website down to a crawl so potential customers just get tired of waiting for the page to load. This translates into lost revenue and sales for your business.


You Forgot About Other Devices

It is important to remember the importance of responsive design in website designing because of the large number of devices out there. Your website will not look the same on different screen sizes unless you actually tell it to! Remember – your website will not automatically fix this issue. A web developer will put the instructions for responsiveness into the code of your website.


So, unless you actually are a web designer, please don’t try to make your own website. A cheap website is just that – cheap and nothing more.

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