WooCommerce SEO is one of the prime aspects of every eCommerce business platform and considering the need of the business owners, Pearl White Media has come up to empower everyone. Specializing in WooCommerce development and maintenance, we can make your dream come true by building the exact Woocommerce Online Store that you have looking for.

Being one of the top e-commerce Experts in Montreal, we can guide you through the whole process of SEO optimization for your WooCommerce Store. Follow the 6 easy steps mentioned below.

Unique Product Description

When establishing an online store, product descriptions are everything that the customers rely on. Make sure to put it in bite-size pieces of content that explain things precisely and highlight the key areas. You can make it more attractive by adding a sense of emotion such as fun and humor. Use relevant keywords in the description that help the product rank better on SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Optimize titles and enable breadcrumbs

Most online stores have multiple pages such as product pages, category pages, etc to help the users navigate better. You can optimize those page titles based on individual products to make them more easily discoverable. Similarly, enabling breadcrumbs helps guide the visitors who are visiting the page for the first time. It also helps Google to recognize the website structure.

User-friendly site navigation

Just like the left-hand navigation on most other eCommerce platforms, your particular store should provide an easy user-friendly interface as well that makes them engaged and provokes their purchasing behavior. Easy websites gain more visibility among global users.

Meta Data and text to Image

Metadata is the strongest component that helps to improve the click-through rates (CTR) on the online store. It gets shown along with the title on the search engine result page and so, it is also a crucial part of SEO. Make sure to incorporate SEO-based keywords in this section to rank better. Similarly, alt text for images is also crucial and works as a medium for SEO.

Utilize the best WooCommerce SEO Plugins

WooCommerce provides a handful of plugins that are great for online stores. Whether it is maintenance or exposure of any other business-related purpose; the plugins work great. Here are a few important plugins that you might find useful.

  • All In One SEO (AIOSEO)
  • Broken Link Checker
  • Monster Insights
  • Trust Pulse

Constant effort

Other than the aforementioned 5 tips, there are many other fruitful strategies that can help to enhance the SEO of the online WooCommerce store. But what remains constant is a steady and consistent effort. Any online store or eCommerce platform requires a constant effort to maintain the SEO of the store that improves its ranking on SERP.

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