What do TechCrunch, Facebook Newsroom, the Harvard Gazette, Reuters, the New York Post, and the Obama Foundation have in common? They’ve all voted WordPress as the best blogging platform on the planet. These behemoths have chosen to have their site built with WordPress for a reason. These world-famous businesses obviously didn’t read, “11 benefits of using WordPress to power your company’s website.” But it’s highly likely they read a similar post, made an important decision, and have never looked back.

Why WordPress?

Every 21st-century business needs a website. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a small mom-and-pop shop, you need online visibility. Now pretty much anyone can build a good website using any of the blogging platforms out there. But web visitors have seen enough good websites that they’re looking for excellent content published on beautiful, responsive websites.

Great websites don’t just happen. Great websites occur when meticulous web design execution meets the awesomeness of a robust blogging platform. Sure, you can choose any blogging platform you want, but one never regrets building a WordPress website. Here are Eleven (11) WordPress benefits you should grab now and create a website that delivers big results.

11 Reasons Why WordPress is the Best CMS on the Planet


1. It’s Easy to Use

One thing that makes WordPress really attractive is that using the platform is super easy. You don’t need to be a PHP expert in using this free online website creation tool. Nor do you require any kind of specialized tools to get the most out of WordPress. All you need is YOU and your willingness to learn and implement really simple stuff. Pretty much anyone can launch, build, and launch a simple WordPress website in an hour or so. But no one says you can’t hire a WordPress development company to handle the task for you.

2. WordPress is Popular

Your blogger friend probably uses WordPress. Major news sites such as the New York Times use this platform. Heck, even the Rolling Stones use WordPress. In fact, one out of every three websites online today is a WordPress website. The platform has almost become a movement of sorts, and wouldn’t you want to join it?

Joining the most popular website creation platform on the planet has one huge benefit. It’s that you can call a friend when facing a problem and get a solution. No matter which WordPress theme you’re using, there’s almost always a friend who’s using it. You could also very easily get your questions answered by kind strangers on social media. All because you chose to build your website on this great platform.

3. WordPress is a Free Resource

Yes, you heard that right. WordPress is a FREE CMS, and open-source project that’s been extensively tested tweaked and improved so you can have nothing but excellence. It’s a free but supremely powerful online website creation and development tool. What’s more, you can access it now for zilch, zero, nada, nothing.

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No need to mention all free WordPress hosting options that you can benefit from.  In addition, the resource allows you to use a vast array of FREE WordPress themes and plugins. You also get a whole range of powerful, low-cost tools. With WordPress, you have everything you need to create a website that captivates your intended audience.

4. Versatile CMS

WordPress is possibly the most versatile CMS on the planet. It does whatever you want it to do, and it does it really well. Do you wish to build an entertainment site? Maybe you’re interested in launching a news site? Or you’ve decided your brand needs a business website?

You can do a lot more than that with this platform. You can create a stunning brochure website. Or a portfolio website to showcase your skills and expertise. And if you’re a nonprofit, the platform lets you design a nonprofit website. A school can get an educational website. Are you an infopreneur? Don’t worry. You can quickly and easily build an infopreneur website on WordPress. Maybe you’re a large business with many employees and managers. With this platform, you can create a web portal that gives everyone login credentials while also allowing personalized views for all users.

5. A Natural Choice for “Clueless” Beginners

So you’ve never built a website before? As a beginner, now is the time to do so, and you need to use the easiest platform you can find. That’s probably going to be a WordPress website. As a beginner, you’d be hard-pressed to find a website creation tool that’s friendlier than WordPress. You can start by simply accessing the dashboard of your site and start tinkering with different features and tools. If you get stuck, watch a video on Youtube, or even better, direct your questions to a relevant forum or community.

6. Great Free and Premium Plugins and Themes

If you think WordPress’ free themes and plugins aren’t great because they’re free, think again. The platform provides many free plugins, themes, and other tools that perform way better than users might expect. Whether you want a star rating plugin or a website stats plugin, this awesome resource has your back. Make sure to choose tools that get updated regularly.

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7. Easily Secure Your Website

Security is always a huge issue when it comes to managing a website. Cybercrime is getting worse, and it’s not uncommon for websites to get hacked. And that’s where WordPress comes in.

The platform’s developers have thought about every aspect of website security and done something about it. The resource keeps releasing security updates purposely designed to resolve any emerging threats completely. In addition, WordPress offers users quite a few highly effective security plugins to reinforce their sites’ security even further. You’ll also want to increase your knowledge of handling security issues. Also, a good WordPress development company can help you navigate website security.

8. Ranking Your Website Becomes Easier with WordPress

Once you launch your website, you want it to rank. WordPress’ core comes fully optimized for search engines. The resource has built-in capability to help your website rank high in the search results. All you need is high-quality content that’s also well-optimized.

WordPress sites are arguably the fastest you’ll ever find. As long as you properly handle technical SEO, you’ll have a fast site. Search engines love fast sites and tend to rank them highly in the results. Another great benefit is you won’t need to do anything to make your website responsive to various mobile devices. Simply upload content and voila it’s automatically optimized for mobile.

9. FREE World-class Support

Beginners sometimes face challenges along their WordPress journey. But that shouldn’t worry you one iota. Here’s one thing you’ll really love about the platform. It provides a massive community of enthusiastic users who are always willing to share their knowledge. There’s always someone willing to help you with your problem; directly or indirectly. WordPress forums and communities are a treasure trove of practical solutions for every kind of technical issue. You’re never going to feel alone, lost, and hopeless.

10. WordPress is Always Improving

Just like many other things out there, WordPress isn’t perfect. That said, it’s a great platform, and it’s developers seem to believe in Kaizen. They’re always making tweaks to make it better and more powerful. If something in WordPress isn’t working so great today, you can be sure it’s being addressed.

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11. Communicate Across a Multiplicity of Languages

Not everyone speaks or understands English. English is arguably the most dominant language in the world. But did you know that only 18 percent of the web using community have English as their primary language? People are highly likely to buy stuff from websites that publish content in their language. In fact, one study which included over 2,400 participants revealed an interesting item. It’s that over 50 percent of people in eight countries preferred to buy from websites presented in their language. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t offer a straight out of the box solution for communicating across different languages. Luckily, the WordPress community has gifted the world with many plugins that help to translate website content.

Final Thoughts

WordPress is popular, optimized for SEO, fast, and versatile. It’s also pretty easy to use. It’s CMS is intuitive and doesn’t intimidate beginners. Best of all, it’s a free resource that also provides a huge enthusiastic and supportive community. Also, you don’t need any special skills or tools to use WordPress. But if you want a complex website built with WordPress to accomplish a specific goal, engage a WordPress development company. Whether you’re in Montreal, Toronto, or anywhere else, you should easily find a great company with which to work.