For years now we have always pushed our clients to build up their newsletter lists. We find it is an excellent marketing tool to have a subscriber list and to email them on a regular basis so they are up to date with your company’s new product launches and promotions. Newsletter marketing is a key strategy to getting your message across to a wide range of current or potential customers.

At Pearl White Media, we specialize in designing custom HTML newsletters (in similar style to the client’s website) so that our clients can get their message across and be affective. Following all the guidelines, we custom design the newsletter on a monthly or bi-monthly basis and manage the client’s account profiles and subscribers.

The advantages are that email is less expensive then direct mail, delivery time is quick and efficient and paper free. Email tracking also let’s you see direct results of who opened up the newsletter and the click-through rate.

We offer our clients different packages based on their needs. Whether you are looking to send out a mailer every week, month or year we have different packages that will fit your requirements.

Please contact us for more information.