There has been a large shift lately to developing e-commerce websites using WordPress Woocommerce. At Pearl White Media wordpress website design, we develop your custom themed site and setup all the configurations for you. At this stage, we sit down with the client and decide on which payment gateway to integrate so they can accept payments online.

There is a large discrepancy between service providers when it comes to accepting credit and debit cards on your website. It’s therefore worth your time to perform a little research.

Payment Gateways represent what is essentially a locked door through where the financial transaction takes place.

In order to make sure the WordPress woocommerce is kept secure, payment gateways are required to be PCI compliant. This is the standard which represent such cards and payments from Visa, Mastercard, American Express etc.

Here are some payment gateways we recommend for WordPress Woocommerce:

1) Beanstream
2) Paypal
3) Stripe
4) Moneris

Integrating any of these forms of gateways is usually somewhat straight forward and can be handled by us to save you time and effort. There is often an API for integration.

If you’ve made the decision to launch an WordPress Woocommerce store or to add the capability for customer to pay for your services on your existing website, please feel free to contact us today. Choosing how to accept payments is an important aspect to your website and the future of your online sales.