With technology ever growing, from Internet-connected smoke detectors and refrigerators, a new device is now on the market. This new product is a future smart home microwave and conventional oven.

MAID oven (standing for Make All Incredible Dishes) will learn your tastes and habits and improve your kitchen skills. MAID already reached it’s goal on Kickstarter of $50,000 goal in the first few days. The system incorporates a full list of recipes, and users can even upload their own to its database. The device also gives you instructions during the cooking process.

There is even a high tech voice control and gesture-reading feature incorporates into the oven. MAID is the future of health conscious dieting. It will also sync with your smartphone or watch to make meal suggestions to factor in your calorie intake. MAID should be available by Thanksgiving 2015.

We are eager to see the future of this technology evolve into our future homes. When it comes to technology, we believe healthier eating habits will become more and more important as time evolves.