A well-functioning website means fast loading time. Ideally, a three-second or less load time is a sign of good optimization. Availing the services of a web agency in Montreal can make your website stand out in functional efficiency. Below are some steps that help in speeding up a WordPress website.


Update your WordPress website by updating the CMS core. New updates make performance faster. You can do this by accessing the admin dashboard. If you want to update PHP, the latest version is 7.4. Migrate to PHP 7 from PHP 5 will give you a performance boost and good memory optimization. Check for compatibility so that to use new themes and plugins. Montreal web design company can help you update and functionally enhance your website.

Removing Themes and Plugins

Boost the functionality of your WordPress website by installing themes and plugins. However, too many of them can slow down performance. Remove or disable themes and plugins that are not in use. Keeping the website clean and reducing clutter boosts the functionality of the website significantly.

Minimize Java Scripts, CSS, HTML

Speed up your WordPress website through minification by reducing front-end files and script sizes like JS, HTML, and CSS. Remove unwanted formatting and file comments. It will not affect the website’s functionality.

Gzip Compression

Enable Gzip compression to reduce website data retrieval time from the server. It increases load time. Use Gzip compression test tools to do so. If it is already not available on your website, you can use other WordPress plugins. To enable it, one can also modify the .htaccess file.

Image Optimization

Images increase content value. But they make websites slow. Since high-quality images take longer load-time, it slows down speed. Image optimization plugin offered by WordPress or scaling images does not hamper image quality.

Page Split

Increase website speed by breaking up long content into multiple pages. Implement this process in the comments section or pages that have long content. It will help you avoid messing up with your website’s bandwidth. Implement this process through the WordPress dashboard. One can apply the process manually also.


One of the best techniques to increase web speed, caching optimizes your website. Client information is stored as cache memory on the hard disk. Execute this step through various WordPress plugins.


A network of data servers is known as CDN or Content Delivery Network. It reduces latency and increases content delivery. Enable CDN to divide your content across various data servers in the network. The data request gets transferred to the closest one in the client’s location.

Database Optimization

Clean your database now and then. Keeping a clean database reduces workload and increases load time. WordPress plugins can also be used. They automatically remove unwanted data and compresses images and tables.

A slow website is never an option if you want to excel. Responsive web design and faster load time are two of the most important efficiency metrics of a website. Follow the simple steps to get the best website performance.