In this digital era, the common medium of interaction between a company and customer is the business website. With the growing importance of e-commerce sites and other business platforms; web design, maintenance, and support have become a mandatory aspect for every business owner. The Web hosting Companies in Montreal like Pearl White Media are great with their services and provide exponentially great results after the revamp of the website.

Here are seven easy tips to maintain your website –

Refresh with new content

They say, ‘Content is the king’ and they’re right. The user and potential customers like the websites which continuously evolve and provide fresh and new content frequently. A static website creates a sense of no activity and eventually leads to abandonment.

Check Browser compatibility 

Even though most people use Google Chrome, there are many browsers used worldwide like Opera, Safari, IE, Firefox, and many others. Make sure your website is compatible with all kinds of web browsers to let more people find you.

Broken links

Broken links often generate a bad reputation for the website with a sense of not working or fraud. In order to prevent that you need to think from the buyer’s perspective and find out the weak spot. Get the broken links fixed what irritates the users. You would also require to check the website to see if all the features are working well.

Speed and smoothness

When it comes to browsing, everyone likes speed and they lack patience for a website page to load. Research says a customer doesn’t like to stay more than 3-5 seconds if the page is not loaded. This affects the website and the business as well. With Shopify Website Design Montreal, it is possible to make smooth and fast website designs that provide 100% user satisfaction.


Providing listeners some healthy space to share their opinion and feedback can help to identify the problems easily. Their comments, suggestions, and trackbacks can guide to the sensitive spots with bugs, errors, and glitches which need improvement. Interaction with users can help a lot in the maintenance and performance of the website.

Concentrate on e-commerce

E-commerce online stores are being a major part of daily lifestyle and Woocommerce Online Store is the most popular among them. It comes in handy by providing everything you need to make a successful website. It comes at an affordable cost and provides an array of benefits that are profitable for the business.


Every couple of days, the website should be monitored via website analytics to check on the statistics. It is very important to keep an eye on the web traffic, curious visitors, and the goal of converting them into potential customers. Call to action buttons in the visibility of the users can work too. Or you can download a free tool like Google Analytics to check the results.


Creating a website is easy but maintaining it is not. The website goes through a lot of changes from time to time in order to be more relevant and user-friendly to make a fruitful business. For maintenance and support, you can hire some expert agency like Pearl White Media or utilize the aforementioned tips to get some better results.