Digital marketing has been the staple of how companies advertise their brands, along with their offerings (i.e. products and services). This type of marketing is now ever dominant, since the rise of better technology. 

As a result, nowadays, consumers don’t want to be bored with large blocks of text, say, blog posts about a certain topic. No; digital marketers are now working to make the first impression count with

eye-catching visuals.

Want to get in on the growing marketing craze of stunning and effective visuals? Then read on, and we’ll share with you the 6 effective tips on how to make visual design work for you, when it comes to visual marketing.

Impress With A Quote Card

“Quotes are still relevant in visual marketing,” says Jacob Emery, a marketing expert at 1 Day 2 write and Origin Writings. “Marketers understand that quotes help convey certain messages, based on what’s advertised on their website. As such, quotes can make a strong statement for those who read them online. In fact, many companies would use powerful and well-known quotes to reinforce their mission – why they do what they do.”

Use The Right Colors

Colors are extremely important when visually marketing to consumers. In fact, it’s human nature to recognize colors, and distinguish the emotional aspects of each. Though, it’s important to know the meaning of colors, along with their psychological aspects, before effectively using them.

Plus, make sure that you’re incorporating eye-catching colors correctly. In hindsight, you don’t want too much color, but you also don’t want too little color to show for it.

If your company logo has a certain color palette, then use those same colors for your visual marketing, so that it matches the identity of your brand.

Show Data Reports

Most times, people will want to see facts over statements. Therefore, present the facts by showing visual reports that best support them. Think of this strategy as if you were showing a PowerPoint presentation to your boss or fellow employees. 

Keep in mind that the data you show should be understand by your audience, not just your colleagues and management. 

Use Trending Images

What better way to attract more people with things that they can easily recognize? Since trends are always talked about and shared on social media, why not steal the spotlight by showing off recognizable trends.

However, the trends that you display must be current. That means that you should always update your visuals, based on the trends that are happening and being talked about now. Otherwise, people will view your content as stale, or as “so yesterday.” 

Plus, make sure that the trends that you display still give your brand a professional look. You don’t want to come off as immature, if you display visuals of an immature trend.

Show Off Your Brand

“Focusing on your brand is another way to enhance your visual marketing,” says Samuel Winston, a business journalist at Writemyx and Brit student. “That means making sure people can recognize and know your brand, based on the visual that you have to show for it. And, the brand visual should be able to not just blend in, but also stand out considerably, so that people can still see it. As a result, you’re presenting an identity and personality to your brand.”

So, when showing off your brand, be sure to include the following:

    • The name of your business
    • Company logo, OR
  • A tagline

Finally, as much as you want to search all over the Internet to find the best stock photos to use for your visual marketing designs – DON’T. Although stock photos are already available to find and download online, it’s more important to be original about your visual designs, rather than go all generic. 

So, if you want to impress consumers more, then consider creating your own photos and art. Originality is a lot more creative than using stock photos. 


Now, while these are just a handful of ideas that you can use towards your visual marketing strategies, it’s still important to utilize trial and error, as you work towards making your visual designs stand out and be recognized by your audience. And, since you’ll have a limited time to make that first impression to consumers, you must experiment with these 6 marketing ideas – try them out, and see which one(s) work out the best.

Regina Wheeler is an e-Learning consultant at Phd Kingdom and Next coursework. As a professional writer, she has been involved in many writing projects nationwide. And, as a blogger, she likes discussing and writing on management, marketing, and finances. To learn more about Regina and her amazing work, visit Coursework writing services.