There are a lot of advertisements on the web for different website hosting services that you could use. This barrage of information can leave you confused about the most suitable website host for you. This confusion is what we are going to clear right away as we recommend that you use WordPress. Do not be dismissive of WordPress because contrary to what you might have heard, WordPress is not just a blogging platform, it is so much more; it is a goldmine waiting to be tapped. In fact, WordPress controls over 61% of the Content Management System market. About 35% of the internet is controlled and dominated by WordPress and around 14% of the world’s most popular websites use WordPress. WordPress is exactly what you are looking for as it affords you massive exposure to promote whatever service you are rendering. We are also going to give you six solid reasons why WordPress is just for you.

WordPress is Free

Everything good must come with a price, at least that is what a lot of people think. But with WordPress, this is not so. The platform, for all its exciting benefits and exposure, is free. Building your website can cost you zero amount of cash. However, if you decide to go premium, you will incur some costs which compared to other web services are cheap to the point of being almost ridiculous. With that little bit of extra cash you splash on this premium service, you get a lot of awesome themes, features, exciting updates, increased website security, and expert guide to put you through. 

WordPress is Safe 

You might get the faint idea now that WordPress is completely dedicated to its users but what if we told you that they work 24/7 to keep your account safe and secure? Mind-blowing, isn’t it? WordPress makes sure that your website is completely secure and safe from never do wells prowling to gain access to your page. 

Although WordPress is dedicated to you and your cybersecurity, it doesn’t hurt to do more to help out on your part. If you go premium, you are going to get regular security updates. You can also add some extra security through the installation of security plug-ins by yourself. It does not hurt to be too safe right? 

WordPress is Easy to Use

You may have noticed that we have not geeked out on you, nor have we used techy terms. That is because WordPress does not need you to be a tech-savvy person to use it. When we are talking about user savvy, WordPress is the icing on the cake. With WordPress you don’t need to be an expert, nor do you need to slave away behind your computer to get around it. It possesses a comfortable layout with many options in the admin dashboard. The best part is that these options come with an explanation so simple that you can work your way around the platform without developing a nasty headache. 

WordPress has Customizable Themes and Plug-ins with Ease of use. 

You can spruce up your WordPress website with a bunch of plug-ins and themes. You have the power to choose some important plug-ins which are easy to use. To give you an idea of how important plug-ins can be, WordPress has a backup plug-in that helps keep the data on your website safe in the unlikely event something happens you your page. Handy, isn’t it? Admittedly, picking up the perfect plug-in could be a chore. But for the backup plug-in, it’s definitely worth it. Essay writers  posit that it is best to use all the tools available at your disposal on WordPress. 

Themes are surplus on WordPress, but to be able to access them, you might want to go premium. When you go premium, you would see so many themes that your eyes would pop out. These themes are easy to use and should you have difficulty, don’t worry. There are WordPress experts online ready to help you out. 

WordPress is SEO’s Sweetheart

Let’s say, you have done your work; a writing service. You have used a writing service such as the UK.BESTESSAYS and have created great written content. What most writers need after this is SEO. WordPress would give you the kind of exposure you need as it is super SEO friendly. Google and all the other search engines are likely to bring up your WordPress website before other people not using WordPress. You can even increase your already superb chances by customizing your website’s pages with specific words, tags, and descriptions. Plus, you could also download some SEO plug-ins for WordPress that you can use to help boost your page’s rankings, which means more exposure. 

WordPress is Suited for Different Purposes

You can use WordPress for different purposes as it has different types of media uploader which come with it. You can upload pictures, videos, and audios which could work for writing sites and even e-commerce websites.


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