In the age of digital marketing, you must sell products online. However, you may not always find any appropriate e-commerce platform to sell them. So, it is always a better option to create your own. However, most business owners often have lack technical skills. There is nothing wrong with that. You as a business owner have always a choice of outsourcing. Pearl White Media has been successful in designing the best quality and user-friendly Shopify websites for your business.

The Montreal Shopify Web Developers here suggest you Top 5 design tips to make your Shopify store stand out.

Choose the most appropriate theme for Website

Although Shopify provides dozens of themes for websites, you need to be very accurate with the theme. While choosing the right theme for your website, keep in mind the following things-

  • The kind of experience you want to create with your website.

You have to decide before selecting the theme how you want to make your clients or customers feel when they visit your website. However, changing themes frequently will create a negative impact on your business before clients

  • What type of business you are doing

A theme should complement your business. From a medical store to a fashion store, theme should always vary from one to another business

  • How do you want to show your write-ups, products, and images

A theme should not make your write-ups, images, and products blended. Select your theme wisely so that you can flaunt your products and descriptions.

Avoid Clutter

Most of the e-Commerce platforms face one big problem with their websites- clutter. Due to a huge listing of products your website can face a problem of overloading. So, it is always good to take the support of the professionals from Pearl White Media. The Shopify Design Agency in Montreal has years of experience in the field. With us, you can make your website run without any glitches forever. For decreasing, loading times fix these things-

  • Compress images
  • Remove everything nonessential
  • Try avoiding third-party theme

Reflect your individuality

While building your website you should think of standing out through it. As it is the only digital face of your business you can take the website for granted. For that matter, you can check your peers, and decide how you can make any difference.

Flaunt your value proposition from the front

The value that you are providing with your business should shout from the front. The visitors should start understanding the core value of your business as soon as they enter your website. It will help you to create your brand.


Building a website is never enough; SEO needs to be done to make it seen by a large number of audiences. Shopify Website Updates in Montreal has been doing it efficiently over the years.

From start-ups to large-cap owners, businesses need to have an online business presence today. Every business can take the benefits of Shopify. However, the support of professionals in the web-designing field is felt everywhere.