As technology rapidly progresses, so does the way we heal our injuries. No one ever enjoyed breaking a bone, and the lengthy time it took to heal. The worst part about it is wearing that uncomfortable, smelly plastic cast. It’s the worst feeling when you have an itch within it and are unable to scratch it.

This is when the technology of 3D printing will come into play. Jake Evill of Victoria University of New Zealand wants to update and change the process. At Pearl White Media, we follow all the latest technology and up coming start-ups and are amazing and intrigued by the future of 3D printing.

Evill create a cortex cast, white is breathable and lightweight that mimics the traditional cast but with a honey-comb like base structure. Is 3D printing a new wave of the future? We believe so. Stay tuned as we keep you further up to date in regards to this field of upcoming technology.